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A New Option for MINI Kadomatsu Making Appears at New Year's Holiday!
There is snowfall from late December to February, free rental of snowy goods is also available.
December to February are BBQ · Bamboo Bottle · Draft beer holiday.
Prepare your tire chain and studless, please make it warm!

【Official】Kurokawa Mori no Cottage

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Kurokawa, Mori no Cottage


Mihoji Manganji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 6489-5

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Hita IC off Hita IC and drive 50 minutes by car to Kurokawa Onsen Direction.It is 4 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen to Senomoto Former Oguni Kaido (Highway) along the Former Oguni Kaido (Highway).
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update information

  • "Mini Kadomatsu making", it is only option in late December!

    To customers who booked in the second half of December, there is a new option guide!

    When it comes to New Year every year, it is "mini gadodzu" which was decorated at the entrance of each building of the Mori no Cottage.
    This year we will prepare this mini Kadomatsu option for hand-making to our customers.

    Although there will be no barbecue in December,
    Children and adults, please enjoy staying in the cottage.

    As a material cost, one yen is 800 yen, and in the case of two or more it is @ 500 yen.
    Decoration is your own personality!
    Would you like to have a New Year with the original Mini Kadomatsu?

    If you wish, please make a reservation by comment, email or telephone.
    We look forward to!
  • "Bamboo lottery" began!

    It is an option only for those who use the barbecue.(It is cooking on a barbecue stove)
    Why do not you cook rice of local Aso with natural bamboo crane?
    The fragrance of bamboo and the sweetness of rice do not accumulate!
    It is also popular as a child's nature experience!
    Bamboo lotus is pre-booked up to 3 days in advance so that the staff handmade one by one.
    We also serve bamboo tea bowls for customers wishing for ¥ 800, with 360 ml of rice.
    Please apply by "Bamboo plan" or by 3 days in advance by e-mail or telephone.
  • Speaking of summer "Raw Beer plan" newly appeared!

    Speaking of barbeques at cottages, everyone who likes beer, it is draft beer rather than canned beer, is not it?
    We will also prepare a draft beer server set (server, beer barrel), and of course cold inside mugs in your room!
    Please book by "Forest luxury ☆ minus ion, starry sky, draft beer ☆" or apply by e-mail or telephone one week before your arrival.
    For details, please check "Fulfillment Options".

Update information ②

  • We have introduced Wi-Fi.  ※From the end of October 2018 introduction of the whole building Hikari net!

    Check in to Facebook "Kurokawa, Mori no Cottage"!

    Wi-Fi can be used as it is.

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