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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Luxury of the forest, "minus ion, starry sky, draft beer", "with server and jug! Limited to 20 years old"plan

    [ Plan Details ]
    Forest Village in the Forest Village Kurokawa Height is also the season when you feel early summer during the day!
    Why do not you drink a cup of draft beer for a moment while enjoying BBQ on the terrace?
    We prepare the server aContinue reading
  • Spend time at the high ground cottage! If you get lost, please! (^ ^)! , "Basic plan"

    [ Plan Details ]
    It's getting warmer and I want to stay cottage just by camping mood!
    But bringing towels and room wear is troublesome.
    Recommended for those who recommend amenity plan
    ※The ingredients are not attached.

    Children Welcome! You maContinue reading
  • I want to enjoy staying in a cottage simply! , "☆ Price-oriented simple plan ☆"

    [ Plan Details ]
    A couple, family, circle, workplace companion, everyone rents a cottage!
    BBQ on the terrace!
    Starry sky observation after evening cool ~
    Walking around Kurokawa Onsen Town& hot springs ~!

    It is a plan for those who simply wantContinue reading
  • Time Trip? Kurokawa old private house experience plan in Kurokawa's nature

    [ Plan Details ]
    A plan you can stay in an old nostalgic private house and experience various old times!
    In the old private house, there is a semi open-air bath that seems to be an old private house
    Experience the old private house of the first-Continue reading