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Group reservation

For customers with groups of 30 or more

  • Kurokawa Forest Village are used by many groups such as schoolchildren's event trips, sports team training camps, employee trips, and seminar / circle trips. Please let us know your request so that the organizer's plan will be wonderful.

■Reason why Forest Village are popular for groups!

  • 1.There are several cottages that can be accommodated by a large number of people.There is a partition on the second floor bedroom, and men and women can stay in the same cottage.

    2.Everyone has a place to BBQ together.In case of rainy we will consider the rooms together at the time of reservation so that we can do with the large terrace building.

    3.Private open-air bath is wide.7 to 8 people are relaxing, if you pack a little (^ o ^) 10 people can use together.Men and women are often rented for an hour.

    Four.The parking lot is wide, it is OK even if you come by car to be divided into groups! Large vehicles such as charter buses are also available.

    Five.There are many tourist attractions in the surrounding area, so you do not have to worry when plan before and after your stay.Kurokawa Onsen Town takes 4 to 5 minutes by car to Kurokawa Onsen Town! You can also enjoy an outdoor hot spring in a ryokan with hot spring bills!
    For details, please refer to the surrounding sightseeing page.

■Maximum capacity is 90 people

Kurokawa Mori no Cottage can accommodate up to 90 people.

  • ·Loghouse for 12 people(Maximum 20 people)× 1 building
    ·Old private house for 10 people(Maximum 12 people)× 2 buildings
    ·10 people log house(Maximum 12 people)× 1 building
    ·6 people cottage(Maximum 8 people)× 3 buildings
    ·6 people cottage NEW(Maximum 6 people)× 1 building
    ·2 people cottage(Maximum 4 people)× 1 building
    Even if you exceed the capacity, you can consult directly if you can contact us.

■Booking flow

  • ① Please check the travel schedule and the number of people and call us.【phone: 0967-44-0535】

    ② Groups of 21 people or more will be staying in multiple buildings.

    ③ We will consider the optimum content according to the vacancy situation of the day, the ratio of men and women, the schedule of using BBQ, budget etc.

    ④ We will ask about your request for options.
    ·BBQ availability (December to February, BBQ equipment rental is closed. Please enjoy hotplate with yakiniku or hot pot and hearth.)
    ·Availability of private outdoor bath
    The private outdoor bath is within the use time from 17 o'clock to 23 o'clock, and it is a frame every hour.
    Please decide whether to make BBQ first or later.There are many organizations who make reservations for men and women each for 1 hour to 2 hours.
    Because there is only one private outdoor bath, please let us know your desired time early.
    ·Bamboo camping pot (only for BBQ equipment rental, up to 3 days ago), whole cake (up to 4 days ago), beer server set (up to 7 days ago) and other loaned items (game machines, karaoke etc.) are also reserved in advance is.

    ⑤ The reservation fee is necessary for reservations of group of more than 30 people.Please transfer 30% of the room charge to the specified account.

    ⑥ Final confirmation.If it is around 21 days before departure, I will confirm the change with telephone or e-mail. (Cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation or schedule change after 20 days. )
    Please inform us of changes in the number of people and options at this time.

    ⑦ If you need urgent contact before departure, please contact 090-1195-5592 (9 o'clock to 20 o'clock), or info@morikote.com.
    If you change the number of people who does not change the cottage, we will consult with you until the previous day.


  • ·There is no restaurant that accepts groups of the day around the cottage.
    Please make a reservation in advance.(We are announcing restaurants in the surrounding area by "Frequently asked questions".)
    Please give me plans of eating out with plenty of time to check in.
    Or we recommend self-catering at the cottage.

    ·Participation in the facility site such as participation of barbecue only, participation of private outdoor bath only, etc. will be considered as a guest.

    ·Nuisance acts against other customers such as drunkenness, noise, etc. are strictly prohibited, and we may leave even before checkout.
    In that case, in addition to the regular accommodation fee, we will charge a nuisance fee and damages compensation fee.

    ·Since there is snow accumulation from the end of December to February in winter, prepare the tire chain.

●About group cancellation cancellation

■Other questions

  • In addition, if there are any questions or requests,
    Telephone "0967-44-0535", Or
    Email【info@morikote.com】 Please contact me.
    Thank you.