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Fulfilling options

Bamboo camping pot set ... 800 yen (Bamboo camping pot, Aso rice 360 ml, with bamboo spatula)

  • Cooking on barbecue stove (about 1 hour), scent and sweetness of bamboo will not accumulate!
    It is popular with children's nature experience.

    Bamboo camping pot is Bamboo camping pot one by one carefully so reservation system up to 3 days ago, limited quantity. (Up to 4 groups per group)

    ※This is a limited edition for barbecue equipment rental.
    (Equipment rental is limited for the period from March to November.
    The equipment for the rental is designed to have the bamboo rice bowl safely implemented. Please understand that customers who bring in equipment can not apply. )

Fresh cream whole cake (Reservations up to 4 days in advance, consultation is required from December to February in winter)

  • Why do not you celebrate an important family or friends' anniversary at the Mori no Cottage?
    You can choose fresh cream and chocolate cream.
    The number of candles and the contents of the message plate are asking for hope.
  • Hall cake price(Fresh cream or chocolate cream)
    ·No. 5 size(Diameter 15 cm)3500 yen(tax included)
    ·No. 6 size(Diameter 18 cm)4500 yen(tax included)
    ·No. 7 size(Diameter 21 cm)5500 yen(tax included)

Draft beer server set (reservation system up to one week in advance, limited from March to November)

  • Forest bathing and barbecue, if this has draft beer ...
    It is an option for such beer lovers.
    We will prepare servers and medium mugs in your room.
    Beer and foam ratio yourself!
    Feel like becoming an Izakaya clerk, please enjoy a party different from usual.
    ※One day limited to 2 pairs each for Asahi and Kirin. We appreciate your reservation as soon as possible.

    ※10/12 (Sat) The order of Kirin has reached the upper limit. Asahi orders are possible.
  • 7 L(About 20 cups of medium jug)Kirin Ichiban Shibori Beer... 6000 yen (tax included)
    10 L(Approximately 25 cups ~ 28 cups of medium jug)Asahi Super Dry... 7500 yen (tax included)
    15 L(About 40 to 43 cups of medium jug)Kirin Ichiban Shibori Beer... 11000 yen (tax included)
    19 L(About 53 to 55 cups of medium jug)Asahi Super Dry 13500 yen (tax included)

    ※9/22 (Sun) Kirin's reception has been closed due to the upper limit. Asahi is accepted.
    ※10/12 (Sat) The order of Kirin has reached the upper limit. Asahi orders are possible.

Experience the hearth (booking system up to the previous day)

  • It is for guests staying in an old private house I with old furniture facilities, old residence II.
    Why do not you enjoy Tagaku and Nabe in the living space's fireplace?
    Royalty(Includes charcoal)2,000 yen
  • 【Caution】Please bring food and seasonings with you.
    Also, the ingredients will be other than raw meat (raw meat oil will be a fire alarm).Please be sure to observe it.)
    Customers using the hearth can also lend a free ladle.
    In addition, we will serve you Kokoro 's Inoguchi and Tokutoshi for those who wish to use the hearth.

Kamador experience (reservation system up to the previous day)

  • Guests staying at an old private house Ⅱ with kettle are limited.
    Let's cook rice with a savory taste in the furnace set on the terrace!
    It is popular as a child's experience of old times.
    Royalty(Firewood)1,000 yen

【Caution】Please bring rice.Possibility to make delicious by cooking more than 900 ml UP!

Firewood stove experience (reservation system up to the previous day)

  • Guests staying at an old private house Ⅰ · old folk house Ⅱ with a fireplace are limited.
    The burning sound of crackling firewood and excitement of old day private house stay.
    Experience fee (firewood) 500 yen (Additional firewood purchase OK after experience, even if you spend with modern heating equipment OK)

Loan item

  • Lending on the day is also possible, but there are limitations on the number of stocks, and we can not respond if it is already lent.I will recommend early reservation.

    ※Regarding free loan listings, please book at least 2 groups in advance for advance reservation.(On the day, if you do not use others, you can use as many points as you like)

    ※Regarding barbecue equipment, it will be a reservation up to the previous day.

    ※Switch's software, "Super Smash Brothers Ultimate", "Super Mario Party" has been added, "MARIOKART 8 Deluxe" "Splatoon 2" "POKKEN Tournament" in all five. (As of January 2019)

※Karaoke has become a new model.

  • Although it is not communication, 1000 songs are built in.There is also a duet microphone.
    Please see the excerpt from the music list, please use it!

Sales item

  • Sale on the day is also possible.Advance reservations are also accepted.